Yoga teacher Training

Now that you have completed your most awaited yoga teacher training, you can be officially called a yoga instructor. But the story and your hard work don’t end here. The struggle to become a successful yoga teacher starts now. So do not distract yourself with unnecessary things after you are done with your yoga teacher training.

Here is a list of priority things you need to do to upgrade your career as a yoga instructor. Follow the below pointers religiously, and you will ace the game.

1. Start A Certification Folder

After the completion of yoga teacher training, the teacher training school issues a certificate that shows the successful completion of yoga teacher training. Once you receive the certificate, make the colored copies of the same and get them laminated. Keep them in a separate folder containing the documents related to your attendance record and grades. This will make things sorted and easy; you can easily reach them whenever you need.

2. Register With The Yoga Alliance

To become a registered yoga teacher, one needs to get registered with the yoga alliance after the yoga teacher training. You can visit the website of the yoga alliance, fill in the required details and enroll yourself to become a certified teacher.

Yoga Alliance is an extra step beyond your yoga teacher training certification to join the yoga community. This certification will help you get a decent job in reputable yoga studios. Once you register with the yoga alliance, add your certificate to the certification folder.

3. Get Insurance Done

Though there are no such injuries in yoga practice, sometimes one may encounter mishappenings, so getting yoga liability insurance is essential for the safer side. It is also needed while applying for teaching positions at reputable yoga schools and studios. The idea behind the insurance is that it legally protects you when teaching yoga.

You can simply run a google search for finding suitable yoga insurance, and the cost is reasonable. Once you get insured, attach a copy of your insurance to your certification folder.

4. Start Teaching

The main aim behind yoga teacher training is that you can now take your own yoga classes. Initially, you can start by teaching one or two students or starting with your family or friends. It will help boost your confidence enough to face the real world. All you need to do is make the most of your learning and use it for the well-being of others.

Set the limitations and contraindications in your mind, and you are good to go. Gradually, you can start teaching more students in hospitals, institutes, corporate houses, healthcare centers, yoga studios, and many more. The idea is to spread the knowledge you have earned and use it in the right direction to uplift your life and others.

5. Deepen Your Practice

So now that you have become a teacher, the student’s work does not end here. Yoga is a continuous learning process, and there is no end to it. To teach profoundly, you must know everything in detail. Gradually you will feel you do not know enough, thus work more hard on yourself.

The idea is to stay caught up in money once you are done with yoga teacher training; instead, deepen your yoga practice with each passing day. Remember, you are a student for life, so keep working on being the best version of yourself even after you have completed yoga teacher training.

6. Look For Advance Courses

Once you have completed the basic yoga teacher training, it is time to look for advanced courses. You can join 500-hour yoga teacher training, specialize in any form of the yoga of your interest, or even learn a new form like Yin and Yan yoga. It entirely depends on you where you take your learnings.

Dive deep into the yoga journey; you will explore a lot about it, and thus it will help you to grow further in your life.

7. Update Your Resume

You must create a resume that will provide a comprehensive profile of your professional and teaching experience. Initially, that is completely fine if you do not have any teaching experience. Still, you will have a lot to add to your resume.

Remember to update your resumes timely. Add the certificates and details about those certificates in your resume. Make a personalized statement for your teaching style and what you are looking forward to getting specializing in. Mention your skills that can be transferred to your teaching and will help people learn yoga profoundly.

8. Attend Workshop

It is equally important to keep yourself abreast of everything in your yoga field. Attending workshops is the best way to gain knowledge about the latest innovations in the field. It will help you to understand the link between traditional yoga methods with modern yoga.

You can even learn a new form through workshops. Add these workshops’ achievements to your resumes; it will act as a bonus. What, in the end, the matter is to continue your education even when you become a successful teacher.

9. Work As Assistant

Assisting will help you to grow; it lays the foundation strong enough and takes you further in life. Assisting will help you learn better as they will guide you effectively because they have been in that field for a long time. Thus how to handle situations, and they can effectively teach people around you.

Add this experience to your resume; trust me, it will be the most valuable experience ever.

10. Read And Read

Reach out to books and enhance your further knowledge. There are tonnes of good yoga books available out there. If you want to avoid reading new books, you can simply re-read your old workbooks and notes of your yoga teacher training to recall and gain a grip on their understanding.

Try revisiting your notes to keep them alive in your mind and your yoga practice. It will set your foundation strong.

11. Create Networks

Keep your contact list updated. Include the contacts of your colleagues, teachers, places you have taught yoga, and contacts of various studios you wish to apply. These contacts play an essential role in growing further.

Constantly create networks, talk to new people, and search for new yoga studios and places where you can get a better job with better pay.

12. Be Patient

Sometimes things do not turn out the way you have always imagined. After the completion of yoga teacher training, it might happen that you do not get a job directly, so here you need to be patient. Be humble and relaxed; trust yourself and your yoga practice.

Keep manifesting, and it will all come together and work out in the end.

Wrapping Up

The time and money you have invested in your yoga teacher training will pay off. You just need to refine your learning and bring them into practice. Once you start teaching, you will feel there is much more to learn. Thus do not stop there, be patient and look for new learnings via workshops, and advanced courses.

Work on your networks and deepen your yoga practice; nothing can stop you from growing and glowing with your future as a successful yoga instructor.