Yoga is a way of life, and you have decided to embark upon this new journey with the 200-hour yoga teacher training. You feel motivated and hopeful about the future as yoga has the potential to uplift your physical and mental health.

However, you might still have your reservations bothering you like:

Am I ready for a course as intense as the 200-hour yoga teacher training is? Also, this is a new journey; what will I be facing upon joining the yoga teacher training India?

And to state the facts. Yes, the training program is an intense one. Hence, you should be prepared for what you are getting into while joining.

Feeling these nerves is bound to happen and advantageous to you. This feeling will make you vulnerable and get rid of your armor of the ego. However, it is also essential to deal with these emotions.

We will try to answer your questions and facilitate an easy transformation into this new venture in our life.

What is in the 200-hour YTT Curriculum?

The 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program focuses on a variety of topics which are listed below:

Techniques of Yoga

The training is centered around yoga; hence a significant section of the curriculum focuses on training and techniques of the same.

They teach future yoga trainers the technicalities of the postures and asanas performed. Other than pranayam, students are also taught kriyas called cleansing methods. You shall also be taught the mantra and chants.

In our daily life, meditation can help majorly, but we are entirely consumed by our thoughts of tomorrow generally, so we cannot meditate properly. As this training is a retreat, they have created the ideal circumstances to allow you to meditate in an optimum manner.

Teaching methods

If a person is an expert in a field, can he be a good teacher? Does being a good teacher only require you to know the subject?

No, it is not enough. You can have expertise in a specific subject; however, that doesn’t qualify you to be a good teacher of the issue.

Being a good teacher goes much beyond the knowledge of the subject. A teacher knows the issue and can inculcate that in their students.

The training program students are future yoga instructors, and the course also goes beyond yoga. You will be taught the teaching techniques and styles.

They will also teach you how to modify the yoga practice and sequence according to the requirements of the students. The course teaches hard skills and polishes the soft skills to make you a good teacher.

Yoga anatomy

Being a yoga scholar or a teacher knowing yoga asanas is of primary importance, but it is not enough. Asanas are for the better working of your bodily systems.

Until a person is aware of the anatomy of the human body, they can never get to know the reasons behind asanas. Hence, the yoga teacher training India course includes anatomy in its curriculum.

Philosophy of yoga

As a teacher, you will have to cater to your students’ curiosity. They might ask you questions related to the history of yoga.

Within this section, the Patanjali of yoga is also taught. Due to this, the course also teaches you the philosophy and history of yoga.


Practice makes perfect. Post teaching the knowledge; the training also allows you to practice your art.

How to prepare for Teacher Training?

Due to the training program’s intensity, it is essential to go into it with you being entirely prepared for what you will face.

If you feel jittery, being prepared will also help you calm your nerves down. This retreat can be the beginning of a transformation in your life, and a few actions can help you ease into it.

Here are a few things that you can do to ensure that you are ready for this new venture in your life.

Recommended reading

After you enroll in the training program, they will provide you with a few recommended content to go through before you join the course. This content will act like the base on which your training course will build. It is essential to study this content in-depth and understand it to the best of your ability.

Warm-up your body

Yoga training can be very intensive. The course includes a variety of asanas. You need to start performing basic and gentle asanas before starting the system. This will ensure an easy physical transformation.

Live in the present

Prepare a schedule of your life around the course to not worry about anything outside when you are at the retreat. This will help you live in the present and not worry about the future.

Understand your motives

Before joining the course, you need to understand your motive for stepping into the program.

What to expect with yoga teacher training Program costs?

There is a program for everyone, but it’s worthless depending on location. The cost of the yoga programs varies wildly, depending on your preferences. Here are how these affect prices:


The location affects the training course cost as it will directly affect the living costs. Locations vary greatly. A few places are inherently more expensive than others. This can be due to high demand for the area or a lack of natural resources.

Yoga School

A variety of yoga schools offer this course. The prices for the program are directly proportional to the school’s popularity. If it’s well-known and has a good reputation, the fees will be higher.

Style of yoga

The yoga style itself affects the program’s cost as it is a yoga course.

However, you must determine your budget and preferences before looking for a course.

Take Aways

We hope this blog helps you prepare for this journey that you are about to embark upon. This might seem difficult to walk upon, but it is equally rewarding. It is not just rewarding in a monetary aspect; it is also advantageous for your body and soul.

However, it is understandable if you are still trying to cope with the burst of emotions you might feel right now. Take your time, keep moving forward, and do not lose sight of your goals and motives.

Following the blog will ensure that your jitters are dealt with and prosper on your journey to self-enlightenment.

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Let’s embrace the journey even before it begins!