Meditation practices

What is mediation?

Meditation Practices, One of the famous old sayings is that “Meditation is the soul’s perspective glass.” Just like exercise is done to keep the body healthy and fit, for keeping mind fit meditation is done. Meditation is the exercise of the mind. People are practising meditation for many years. Meditation can be described as the process in which all the attention is focused or kept at one single point. It mainly helps a person to keep the focus on one particular thing and neglecting all the distractions.

Need for meditation

In the present era due to workaholic culture, people are living a stressful life. From dawn to dusk they are busy with their work. Due to which they lack sleep and are not able to give enough time to themselves and are becoming more stressed. So to one of the solutions to this growing problem of stress is meditation. It is the best possible way to fight the problem of stress. It helps in relaxing the mind and also it has been proved in many scientific types of research that with the help of meditation various chronic pain, depression, heart-related problems have been cured.

Given below is the list f five meditation practices that you need to know about: 

  • Focused attention meditation

This is one of the best meditations that can be practised. As in life to achieve anything a person has to be much focused. In this process of meditation, the whole attention is given on the single object.  The object can be in the form of mantra. It can also be part of the body or any other object. The person will keep the focus on one particular object when the flow of attention gets stronger. All the other distracting things become less common and there will be a point when the person will completely think about that object and will not pay attention to any other thing

  • Yoga Meditation

Yoga meditation is quite an old process.  It has been practising for many years. Yoga is measured as one of the best solutions for relieving stress and becoming healthy. In this type of meditation, various poses and exercises are involved. This may comprise of various breathing exercise that will help in relaxing the mind and increasing the body flexibility. The poser doing this meditation needs to balance and focus on the pose that they are doing and by giving less attention to the distraction

  • Breath awareness meditation

Relaxation of mind is important to remain stress-free. So this type of meditation is very helpful for the mind.  This is term as the mindfulness meditation. It involves breathing. The person has to breathe slowly deeply. The main feature of this meditation is that the person will count some breaths; they need to evade all the thoughts that are entering their mind. This will help in reducing stress. It also helps in improving the concentration power and improving the blood circulation as the mind is calm

  • Experiment with repeating a silent mantra

This is a very interesting form of mediation as you need not follow any procedure for doing this. One needs to beget their mantra for chanting through the meditation process. It can be anything theta make you happy or focused during the meditation after a person decides the mantra; he needs to focus on it. When a person is starting the meditation process, he needs to repeat this over and over again in mind .by going away from all distractions just focusing on the mantra.

  • Loving Kindness Meditation

This is one of the best meditation processes as it involves the practice of thinking of wellness of the self and another person too. In this, the person needs to sit in the relaxed position, after taking some deep breathes, start reciting the words that keep you happy,  the words that help a person to think that if he is happy, all the person around him are happy. He is making the world a happy place to live in.

One needs to be focused on the loving-kindness towards them, as you begin to stay happy, think about your friends and family and develop positive thoughts toward them to think for their well being. One should also think about the person who has a problem with them and tries to know that person and making the world a happy place to live in

So, it is clear that meditation practices can help you in many ways. Make it a part of your daily routine and stay healthy and fit.

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