Certified Yoga Teacher Training Course World

Yoga is an ocean of benefits. One could understand the benefits only by indulging yourself in the yoga practice. The blog is for you if you are passionate about yoga practice and wish to impart yoga knowledge to others.

Have you ever thought of becoming a yoga instructor? Or have you always felt that attaining the yoga teacher training certificate is daunting? If the answer is YES, we are here to help you with the knowledge you need to become a certified yoga teacher and open great opportunities as a yoga instructor.

The blog will answer the common questions that every certified yoga aspirant has. Hope the blog helps you in the way you want.

So, here you go!

Steps Towards Becoming A Certified Yoga Teacher

1. Join An Accredited Yoga Teacher Training Center

If you are eager to learn and make others learn yoga, it is a must to look for an accredited yoga teacher training program. You would love to become a professional yoga instructor, so join a yoga school affiliated with Yoga Alliance or the yoga certification board.

Look for a certified yoga teacher training center and choose the best from them according to your needs and preferences. Decide where you would like to join the school, then do long research on their various amenities and fee structure. You could also plan to visit the place before finalizing, which will further aid you in making the correct choice.

2. Pick A Yoga Style

Choosing a yoga teacher training also depends on the style you would love to learn. There is a wide variety of yoga styles available, so choose the one that will amplify your career.

The most common type of yoga teacher training is 200-hour intensive yoga teacher training. It covers everything related to yoga knowledge, philosophy, and anatomy. The course will teach you everything you need to become a successful yoga teacher.

Most yoga schools focus on Vinyasa flow in their certification program because it focuses on yoga and meditation which interest most people. Choose a yoga school that is supportive, interactive, and gives you the abundance of yoga knowledge that you are looking for.

3. Register With Yoga Alliance

After you are done with your yoga teacher training, get yourself certified. It is a crucial step that helps you register as a yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. Once registered, you will be listed in the global directory as a teacher who has completed all the minimum requirements for teaching and has completed their training with an officially registered yoga school.

Registering with the yoga alliance is simple. You need to follow a few easy steps, and you are done. You need to fill out a form asking about your teaching requirements, the number of teaching hours, and much more. You will receive an email confirmation which may take around 14-15 days. Once you receive the confirmation mail, complete the registration and membership payment process.

The yoga alliance offers members a few benefits and perks that can be availed easily.

4. Get Certified

The yoga certification board conducts an examination that every candidate needs to clear to become a certified yoga teacher. Yoga Certification Board sets a suitable syllabus that every yoga instructor aspirant needs to study for the exam.

The exam is a blend of practical and theoretical portions. Theory exams include objective-type, multiple-choice questions (MCQ). Practical exams showcase your yoga talent that may take around an hour, showing your yoga mastery, teaching skills, evaluation skills, application of knowledge, and field experience. Various yoga teacher training schools make you learn the syllabus and guide you throughout the journey of yoga learning.

5. Start Working

Once you clear your exam, you will receive a certificate with an identity card as a yoga instructor. Now you can work according to your level of certification. Now here your life as a yoga instructor begins.

If you want to study further, you can always take a course to level up your yoga certification. Learning further will open more doors of opportunities, and also, you will get a new experience of studying and teaching together. You can join yoga teacher training centers, colleges, fitness centers, hospitals, and hospitals, or even start your yoga studio.

6. Maintain Your Certification

Yoga certification has a validity of only five years. After five years, you need to renew the certificate. Renewing the certificate comes with the following conditions:

  • You need to attend Continuing Yoga Education (CYE)
  • It includes the assessment and the orientation to amplify your yoga knowledge.
  • The program lasts for 2-3 days.
  • You need to submit a report of the students you are teaching and documents related to it.
  • If the committee feels all is good, you get your certificate renewed; otherwise, you are asked to attend the second CYE program.
  • This time they provide you with a lifelong yoga teacher certificate.

Why Join A 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

What a 200-hour yoga teacher training gives you can never be expressed in words; it is a journey of getting close to your body and mind through yoga. You will surely enchant and embrace the journey of 200-hour yoga teacher training.

A 200-hour Yoga teacher training is the most common certification offered by yoga schools. It covers all the fundamentals of yoga, and you will learn every detail in-depth about yoga. Indulge yourself in learning about yoga philosophy and anatomy, making you eligible to start teaching yoga.

A 200-hour yoga teacher training program will provide you with skills and knowledge about how to teach yoga, and it is something you will not learn anywhere. It is the perfect combination of learning practical and theoretical understanding of yoga.

Joining a 200-hour yoga teacher training will help you learn about the benefits of yoga. The journey takes you to a new level of learning and will equip you with abundant knowledge. After each session, you will notice yourself growing. The class leaves you with exceptional knowledge.

If you want to know yoga from scratch, join a 200-hour yoga teacher training course and see what difference it makes.

What Type Of Training Is Best?

There are three choices when it comes to joining a yoga teacher training. Either join a three-month-long course that runs on weekends or a month-long study, or a self-paced course(online course).

Short-Term Intensive Or Long-Duration Training

Immersing yourself in the short-term intensive yoga t teacher training would be a lifetime experience you will relish your whole life. In the short term, you stay at the yoga school and learn yoga daily. It is a more focused type of training away from all distractions. You feel the food and environment and follow the daily schedule with full zeal and enthusiasm.

Short-term training is the best yogic experience to help you level up your yoga game. Coming in direct contact with teachers and students from all walks of life will help you understand the world in a better way. You will learn many things from them and make relationships that last a lifetime.

Long-duration training lasts over three months, and it is training that is held only on weekends, i.e., Saturday and Sunday. It is for people who are already into work but are willing to learn yoga. Try long-duration training if you are also busy and can’t afford to spend your week in yoga. Indulge for two days in yoga and relax your body by learning your favorite yoga style

Local Or Overseas

A local yoga teacher training would be cheaper as it will cut out the expenses of travel, accommodation, and food. You would also not have to pay extra effort to adjust to the surroundings as you already would be familiar with the language, place, and climate. Thus local yoga teacher training is a convenient option.

But if you want to learn authentic and traditional yoga, then there is no better place than India. India is a birthplace of yoga and a hub of many yogis practicing for years. In India, the program will cost you much but will leave you with a mind full of yoga knowledge and philosophy. You will have to pay for accommodation and food. Also, you will take time to adjust to the water and climate of the place you choose in India.

Know the purpose of yoga learning, and then choose an excellent yoga teacher training.

In-Person Or Online

Of course, in-person yoga teacher training is the best, but due to covid-19, these yoga institutes have come up with online training. The online classes keep students connected with their teachers and yoga.

Online sessions are conducted via Zoom meetings. Sessions are majorly pre-recorded and are played on weekdays. If someone misses the class, they can attend it at their own pace.

Online yoga teacher training is not considered adequate as it leads to the irregularity of students’ lack of sincerity and participation. If you want to learn from your future perspective, then in person is best.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Certified Yoga Teacher?

Yoga teacher training is a real-time investment. The cost of yoga teacher training depends upon various factors. The factors are:


If you are joining short-term intensive training, it will cost much more compared to the long-term program.


If you are choosing a renowned and reputed yoga teacher training, then it may cost much. Also, if the yoga teacher training provides you with a sea view or forest view or is in the primary market, it may cost much more than the normal one.


Choosing a five-star hotel over a budgetary hostel will cost you more.

The cost of yoga teacher training depends upon your choices. The more simple you keep your choices better it is. Simple things will keep you grounded and in touch with everyday people. It is always preferred to choose simple rooms offered by the training institute.

How Long Does It Take To Get Yoga Certified?

It depends upon the level of training you get. If you have joined a 200-hour yoga teacher training in the short term, it will take one month. If you are entering any yoga studio, it may stretch up to 6 months.

And when you have completed your 200-hour yoga teacher training, you can continue your certification by joining 300-hour or 500-hour yoga teacher training. It may take a few months to get certified and start teaching.

The standard time is one-month for yoga teacher training, but there is no limit to getting certified when you enter yoga. You can also join several short courses like yin-yang yoga, Aerial yoga and get certified.

Will A Yoga Certification Make You A Good Teacher?

You are wrong if you have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training at a reputable school and feel the certificate will make you a good teacher.

A certificate is never enough. A good teacher requires more than you imagine. You can do the following:

  • You can always explore yoga by attending numerous workshops all over the world.
  • Conduct research and read books about yoga and its philosophy.
  • Be enthusiastic about learning more day by day.
  • You can also teach students worldwide, so do not confine your talent.
  • Meet new yoga gurus, explore the hidden places and understand the reasons behind the facts.

Becoming a good teacher requires a lot of experience and dedication to teaching that experience. Yoga is not only about asanas; it is more than that. It includes the realms of spirituality and philosophy. The more you study, the more you will understand and the more connected you will feel.

You may have experienced numerous things, but it is not helpful if you cannot deliver them to students. So, a teacher must have the capacity and enthusiasm to teach others.

If you plan to become a good teacher, just explore and experience.

The Bottom line

If you are deep into yoga practice and want to take a level up, then there is no better place than India. India is a hub of yogis; people from different walks of life come together and learn yoga. It will provide you with the essence of authentic yoga.

Explore the never-ending scenic beauty of India, and you will fall in love with the place. Choose a short-term intensive 200-hour yoga teacher training, and you will have an experience that will change your life completely.

The best thing about learning yoga in India is that yoga is not considered a physical matter; instead, they think of it beyond mats. Learning yoga here will connect you to your soul and mind and align your body in the best possible way.

Learning yoga is all about dedication, determination, and diligence!