Do you want to learn and practice yoga but not know the correct place? Your search ends here! We bring you the most authentic and affordable yoga teacher training course in India. These institutes are also famous and provide yoga alliance certification.

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Here is a curated list of the best places to take up Yoga Teacher Training In India- the best place to start Yoga.

1.   200-hour hatha yoga  at the Beaches of Goa  (Tratak Yoga School)

Have you ever thought of learning Yoga on the beach? Even the thought of practising Yoga on the beach is exciting. Here we bring you an excellent Yoga school on the shores of Goa- Tratak Yoga School.

Tratak Yoga School is located at Arambol beach. The beauty of the place is perfect for yoga practice. The academy is well-known for its modern way of teaching. The founder has built this platform to provide students with a fun and progressive yoga learning experience. Four yoga styles are taught: Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, and Aerial Yoga.

Who would not love to enjoy yoga with soothing breezy waves? The institute allows students to indulge in beautiful nature and enjoy yoga practices by benefiting from Goa’s heart. So register today and grab the opportunity of learning yoga with the best masters from all over the world.

2.   500-hour multi-style yoga in the heart of hills in Dharamshala (Mahi Yoga School)

How about learning yoga in a hill station? The thought is fascinating in itself. Dharmashala brings you a renowned Yoga Teacher Training centre that will crunch your thirst for a perfect yoga school.

Mahi Yoga school in Dharamshala provides India’s most presumed ensured yoga teacher training.  The school targets to connect you with yoga and gives you a chance to improve and support the yogi inside you.

Mahi School runs the best 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training course. It is an escalated course that gives you all the information you need to teach yoga. The course provides an abundance of yoga practice that will help you teach it. You will feel extraordinary after completing the course, and the benefit you will drive will last a lifetime.

3.   300-hour Yoga on the banks of Ganga in Rishikesh (Aadi Yoga School)

Are you looking for the traditional experience of Yoga? If Yes, then Aadi yoga school brings you a path to lead a holistic, healthy lifestyle. Aadi Yoga School is renowned for multi-style yoga and its in-depth knowledge.

The noticeable thing about Aadi yoga is that they assist students in forming new visions in all spheres of yogic practice. They also allow becoming a registered yoga instructor.

300-hour yoga teacher training is convenient and will teach you an advanced understanding of yoga. The courses are not for mere fun but to transform your whole life as a yoga practitioner. Aadi yoga believes that learning these courses requires a high level of self-motivation.

4.   100-hour yoga in dense forests of Rishikesh (Rishikesh International)

Rishikesh International School is expertise in self-discovery and re-awakening through yoga. The institute is famous for its uniqueness in giving yoga a different meaning. It helps you deepen your spirituality and find a balance between physical and mental health.

Join 15 days of yoga teacher training at Rishikesh International and purify your body from toxins. It is an unforgettable experience of learning yoga with a team of professionals. Enjoy the desi Indian food on the banks of river Ganga and adore the beauty of Rishikesh.

100-hour Yoga is a beginner’s program that will help you to calm your mind, body, and soul by recharging you for the battles ahead. The institute offers its guests good quality food, fantastic oil therapies, and a spell-bound environment to learn yoga.

Common best qualities of these Yoga schools

●     Experienced yoga teacher

The above-mentioned Yoga Teacher Training schools are equipped with renowned and experienced teachers who have practised for many years. These schools run classes with only 10-15 students, which helps in easy learning and communication with the yoga instructor. Fewer students per class also aid in the easy visibility of each student.

●     Yoga Alliance registered schools

If you are eager to learn yoga teacher training, choosing schools registered with the yoga alliance is highly recommendable. These schools are registered with Yoga Alliance which gives assured teacher training certificates. Their yoga alliance certification will help you in your yoga career.

●     Serves the best climate

A good yoga teacher is not enough for learning yoga; you also need a suitable environment. Here, Rishikesh, Goa, and Dharamshala schools provide you with the best climate and scenery for practising yoga. The beauty of these places will surprise you, and you will always thank god for such a great opportunity of learning yoga in the laps of nature.

●     Affordable courses

These schools are affordable and authentic yoga schools to choose from. The aim of these schools is not only to generate profit but to make yoga your lifestyle. You could choose a suitable course and register yourself easily.

●     Facilities and accommodation

You can contact BookYoga training for knowing the information related to various yoga schools. These schools provide accommodation according to your requirement. Rooms are equipped with the necessary furniture. Schools provide clean rooms with personal bathrooms and many such facilities.

●     Food

Yoga Teacher Training Institutes offer students pure vegetarian, plant-based, nutritious meals to their students. They also serve herbal tea in the evening. The food is meant for the body’s detoxification, this type of food is for a clean mind and soul.

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