Do you doubt in mind that what is the difference between yoga and yoga therapy? Is Yoga or Yoga therapy right for you? So to clear your confusion, we are here with the highlights of what is yoga and yoga therapy? What are their uses and benefits are? How yoga differs from yoga therapy? So let’s have a clear look at it:

Whenever we hear the Yoga word, then an image of a yogi sitting in a mountain position immediately hit our mind. But do you know yoga has a lot of layers? Yes, as we set out deep and deeper, these layers carry on getting impassive individually and with every layer; we mount one step up in the consciousness ladder. There are a lot of reasons given to opt yoga, and the main reasons are mental and health awareness.

Difference Between Yoga & Yoga Therapy

Yoga is an early practice of balancing the human body with the breath and mind with the help of physical poses, meditation and breathing exercises. At its most realistic level, yoga is a method of learning regarding oneself. It can guide you to self-mastery, self-discovery and self-realization. Whereas, Yoga therapy is a procedure of authorizing individuals to steps forward for improved well being and health through the practices of yoga and application of the teachings. Yoga is prescribed from older times which helps one’s to make his/her own physique fit in various ways such as:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Spiritually

Mainly, yoga therapy uses the earliest skill of yoga to improve wellness and health at all levels of the person like: physical, spiritual and emotional. Yoga therapy concentrates on the trail of yoga as a curing journey that conveys balance to all parts of life throughout an experiential development of our fundamental nature. Yoga therapy is valuable for both people who look for relief for particular health disputes, and for people who desire to prevent disease, enjoy good health, as well as slow the evolution of aging. Yoga therapy includes various types of poses according to the requirement of health such as:

  • Different Yoga Postures
  • Breathing Exercise
  • Meditation

Yoga therapy sittings are compassion-focused

Client-led and client-focused, where people are helped to achieve their health and wellness goals and allowed to follow self-care procedures, which will be helpful for them for their whole life. Not any health issue is too small or too big to reach out a yoga counselor with, as well as they will situate their client at the core of the program they plan.

  • In yoga therapy, the techniques and tools of yoga dole out to reconnect every client to her or himself at every level— starting from the body to the breathing, emotions and mind, the energetic body, the higher intelligence faculty, as well as to the strength
  • Yoga therapy opts to works with every therapy session is modified according to your physical and mental needs so that you can relax your body and mind. Whether you want to get facilitate injury recovery, relief from chronic pain, reduce stress, improve flexibility, get help with depression, improve well-being, or simply maintain your young energy and appearance.
  • Yoga therapy aims to treat the specific sickness condition.Most illness conditions are cured by yoga breathing techniques or some yoga asanas. For example, a yoga therapy plan for back pain would be extremely dissimilar from a yoga therapy treatment targeting sadness. Various yoga therapists focus mainly on one ailment condition, whereas others include a more wide
  • Yoga therapy uses extra techniques to speed up your recovery.When required, some yoga therapists can use fascia release work and deep tissue massage while you are in the posture to loosen up the tight muscles and help a deeper middle awakening.
  • Yoga therapy expands the awareness of the body. Yoga therapy is conducted in small classes or various sessions, allowing the therapist to lead you in the all right details of stretching, muscle relaxation and strengthening. This boosts body consciousness and helps you build more rapid development in reforming your body.

Hence, It is concluded that Yoga and Yoda therapy are similar in many cases but are entirely different from each other somewhere follows the basic technique.


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