Yoga Teacher Training

Are you considering becoming a yoga instructor but are confused if it is the correct choice? Then, the blog will help you know what you might not know about attending yoga teacher training.

Reasons to Become a Yoga Instructor

1. It’s extremely rewarding

Imagine how it feels when you make someone happy. Of course, you will be satisfied and contented; the same happens when you are working as a yoga instructor, helping and healing people.

You will feel your passion for students and their urge to learn yoga more. You will help them find the unconditional and uninterrupted love within us. This is the best thing we can do for humanity, taking them to a level of true happiness.

2. Change In Perspective

Teaching gives you space to understand other people and their living conditions. You would be amazed to see how unique every individual is, not only in their ability to adapt to asana but also in their presence. You will become more thankful for a beautiful life.

Knowing the insights and understanding of people from all walks of life will make you harmonious and empathetic. It will make you a down-to-earth person who will be a bonus to society.

3. Finally, Worklife Flexibility

Teaching yoga does not bind you to a 9 to 6 job; it is your choice to decide the number of hours you would love to work. You can create a work schedule that goes well with your life balance.

If you love traveling, you can move to different yoga centers and studios from season to season. Becoming a yoga instructor allows you to choose your working hours according to your needs and wishes; thus, your life stays in control.

4. Understand The True Meaning Of Life

Being in the yoga teaching profession will make you understand where true happiness lies. It automatically allows you to step back, avoid the rat race of life, and be satisfied from within. Also, you do not have to put extra effort into teaching yoga because you are already into it.

You will understand that the things for which you were running behind, like a luxurious house and a never-ending wardrobe, are all just momentary pleasures; ever-lasting happiness lies within. Teaching yoga makes you realize how gracefully you can teach others to reach their potential satisfaction.

5. Staying Fit and Active

At first, you may feel that you are teaching too much and ignoring your well-being, but soon you will realize that the well-being you are creating in your students is great for maintaining your own.

Being a yoga teacher means you do not have to devote any particular time to your fitness; you are already in a profession that makes you feel good and look great. Yoga instructors will always make you feel healthy, fit, and active. The more yoga sessions you attend, the better you will feel about yourself and others.

Undoubtedly, the foundation of being a great yoga teacher is being a great yoga student.

 Now that you have decided to attend a yoga teacher training, consider the following to choose the best yoga teacher training.

How to Select a Yoga Teacher Training Program

Are you also spending countless nights deciding on your yoga teacher training school? If so, here is what the blog has to offer.

Yoga Alliance Accredited

The first and most important thing to look for in a yoga teacher training program is Yoga Alliance certification. The Yoga Alliance provides the framework required to run a yoga teacher training program.

Every registered yoga school follows specific terms and conditions of the Yoga Alliance. The Yoga Alliance also provides its members with insurance, resources, and other benefits. Yoga Alliance has a certification that carries a lot of importance and is needed for yoga instructors’ jobs.

Know Your Teachers

You will spend your entire journey of 200-hour yoga teacher training with your instructor, so make sure to get to know them well. A good instructor will make your intensive journey tremendous and valuable.

Make sure to know what yoga style they teach. How long have they been teaching? How many trainings do they have? Do you feel connected to them? If your answers range from positive to negative, then go for it.

Student Population

In a class, the number of students matters. If your class occupancy is higher, it becomes difficult for the instructor to give personal attention. But the instructor guides every student personally when the strength is more minor.

With fewer students, you can ask your questions promptly and create an intimate connection with your trainers. You will also get along well with your fellow batch mates. So, consider knowing the capacity of the class.

Location and Timetable

A 200-hour yoga teacher training is an intensive program that needs your commitment and dedication. It is always better to know the program’s schedule and location beforehand so that you can prepare your mind and body entirely.

YTT requires a significant investment of time, energy, and money; therefore, consider what is best for you. Always remember, it is not just the class hours but also the hours of personal practice, teaching practice, and homework assignments.

Training Cost

Yoga teacher training is not cheap, and whether you join a short-term or long-term course will cost you too much. Many yoga teacher training schools offer payment plans; understand them, and check what is included in the fees.

I understand if the money that you will be paying is worthwhile or not. Also, think that the program will benefit you with the experience you’ve always wanted for yourself.

Yoga Techniques

Understand what type of content you need to learn from yoga teacher training. Match your requirements with the yoga teacher training school; if that suits you, you can register.

They know about the various forms and styles of yoga they teach. Also, check that they give more emphasis to practical or theoretical education. Consider these points to understand what you want in your YTT.

Reputable Institution

You need to dig and learn more about the school and its yoga instructors. Talk to alumni and learn what they think about the school. Consider their experiences and journey throughout teacher training.


In the end, it all depends upon you. Spend time getting to know more about your needs and desires, matching your needs with the school, and then making a decision.

Yoga teacher training is an incredible journey, so make the most of it. How good the yoga teacher training is is essential, but more important is your will, determination, and commitment to your yoga training. Be faithful to your practise and meditation; you are all set for a bright future.

Have a happy yoga teacher training!