Stay Healthy in the COVID

People have always understood that yoga has great power in keeping one’s body and mind healthy. However, they are realizing the importance of yoga in the COVID period even more. Yoga has multiple health benefits, both physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Doing yoga at this time will greatly help you enhance your general health and also prevent catching the Coronavirus too. Therefore, by doing yoga, you can effectively stay safe and healthy at a time when health is at great risk. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about yoga in the COVID period. It will also clear your doubts about taking yoga teacher training courses at this time.  

How Yoga Helps to Maintain Your Health in This Period

Yoga has many health benefits, as we already stated. Here are the ways yoga helps you stay in peak health during the compromised Corona period:

  • The first and foremost reason to do yoga is to help boost your immune system. Doctors have already stated that other than the general safety measures, people must do their best to augment their immunity. Our body is best equipped to fight the virus and yoga helps fortify these defences further. Yoga immune system research shows that people who do yoga daily are in better condition to fight diseases.
  • Besides yoga for immunity, it also helps to maintain the general health of the body. Even unrelated conditions can indirectly cause you to become more vulnerable to the virus. For example, if you have a pain in your back or a muscle problem, it will not directly increase your chances of getting Coronavirus. But, the body will concentrate its immune system towards correcting that problem. This will weaken its defences at the entry points of the virus. Moreover, you might have to go to the doctor to help with the other problem, which increases the risk of exposure.
  • Yoga also has positive effects on your mental health. It is well-known that the power of the mind is the greatest in the body. If you are mentally weak, your body will also start slacking. This will make you vulnerable to any external disease-causing factor, including the COVID virus. By doing yoga and strengthening your mind, you strengthen your body too.
  • Yoga helps you in maintaining your spirituality at a time when faith is in crisis. The power of belief is great. In troubled times like these, faith and hope are what helps us overcome all odds. You should do yoga to help you stay calm and focus on your life right now without being overwhelmed. 

What to Include in Your Yoga Routine for Maximum Health Benefits

In light of the current circumstances, you should concentrate more on yoga poses that help your immune system. Thus, you should adjust your daily routine to include more yoga asanas and pranayama for immunity.

The tips below should help you:

  • Incorporate more bending yoga postures to boost the immune system. Forward and backward bending poses help the prana flow more to the upper body. This keeps the respiratory system and sinuses in top shape and helps fight Coronavirus at the point of entry itself.
  • Yoga asanas that restore body equilibrium and physiological and spiritual balance are also important. Asanas like the tree pose and the mountain pose prevent chemical and pranic imbalance, which can severely affect your health.
  • Yoga poses that increase blood flow and lymph drainage are great for overall health and immunity. They distribute nutrition to the entire body and ensure disinfection throughout the body.
  • Poses that twist your body are highly effective in improving your nervous and digestive systems. They not only better your mental health but also increases energy and enthusiasm. Better absorption of nutrients due to a better digestive system is the other useful effect.
  • Pranayama can also help you boost health and immunity. Breathing exercises like Kapalbhati, Bhramari, and Anulom Vilom can help bolster the respiratory functions and defences. They also have positive effects on other parts of the body and help to redistribute prana.
  • You should make the kriyas a regular part of your yoga routine. These help to cleanse your body of toxins and bad energy that can make you weak and compromise your immunity.
  • There are also many yoga mudras that help you increase your immunity. Hand gestures like the linga mudra, prana mudra, or Prithvi mudra have a great positive impact on your immunity.
  • Never forget meditation. Meditation is a key weapon in your fight against the virus. Its mental and physical health benefits are versatile and myriad. You will stay healthy with regular meditation. 

Should You Take Yoga Training Now

You already know about the good yoga effects on the immune system. You would want to start doing yoga right away. But not everybody has yoga training. That means for some, there is no other way than to take yoga training to do yoga.

But with the high rate of transmission of the Coronavirus right now, that seems like an impossibility. What you can do is take online yoga teacher training to solve this dilemma. Even if you choose to take in-person classes, make sure the yoga school follows all mandates concerning safety. 

How to Choose Your Yoga Training Classes in the Right Way

Choosing the right yoga teacher training or retreat can be tough in the circumstances. But that should not stop you from reaping its benefits. You should use Book Yoga Training to help you with the process without any mistakes.