Tantra is a way how to live life creatively and holistically. Tantra touches every aspect of our lives, whether emotional, physical, social, mental, or spiritual. Incorporating a few things into our daily lives is essential to living a life full of Tantra.

Here is a fantastic blog that will help to bring Tantra into everyday life. Let us begin.

1. Cleaning as a Tantra Meditation

Cleaning is an effective way to get yourself in the mode of meditation. Once a man asked his spiritual master to purify his soul. His spiritual master asked him to clean his house every day. Each day the man would start work at 5:30 am and end by 6 in the evening. After a lot of struggle, this work became his meditation. He was now in a pure presence without any trace of ego. That art of cleaning was cleaning his inner dirt; he was a sky with no clouds. His heart was full of awareness, devotion, and love.

This act was a foundation for Tantra meditation. Learning meditation and practicing it can make your whole life full of gratitude and bliss.

2. Love in Tantric Way

Tantra Meditation can be applied to any type of work, any emotional state, or any mental and psychological aspect. Tantra meditation is about being present and bringing loving awareness to any life experience. And that experience will be a refined experience and an experience of the divi Tantra Meditation can be applied to any type of work, any emotional state, or any mental and psychological aspect.

3. Theft in Meditative mood

Once, a thief decided to learn Tantric meditation from a Zen master. The master said he would only teach him when he continued practicing his profession in a meditative mood. The thief was ready with the idea of Zen.

The thief was soon initiated and was proficient in his practice. Thus now, he was ready to apply the teachings to his profession. He was very perplexed the first time he tried to steal in the mode of awareness. He was fully aware of the people he would steal and the emotions they must be going through. He knew about the pain, sadness, sorrow, and grief of the people whom he stole.

He went to Zen and asked him to regain his awareness as he could not practice his profession. Zen said I couldn’t take it back because you can’t get detached once you get the awareness. Changes are bound to happen when you become conscious. Thus now consciousness is a part of your everyday life.

4. Mirror Of The Microcosm

Tantra is an unbiased therapy, has no moral code of conduct, and no judgments about higher or lower. Also, there is no concept of sin or purity, and everything there is divine. If we cannot experience divinity, dust is in our eyes, and has lost our sense of feeling. As we become more aware and sensitive towards everything, we experience divinity and follow Tantra.

Considering lovemaking as a meditation and discovering that many co-creators, like birds and animals, exist with us. And that feeling is our deepest respect for one another. Thus, the microcosm mirrors the macrocosm.

5. Eternity Is Being In the Present

We are present when we do things and get fully involved in them. Then, we do not have any connection to the past or the future, we are in the present, and time ceases to exist. While practicing Tantra helps us to dive into the present moment awareness and help us to attain the nectar from meditation.

It may take your constant efforts, maybe a few years, to gain the hidden nectar. So once you get the hold of nectar, practice it religiously, and your life will transform rapidly.

6. Passing On Tantra

Transmission of Tantra is important. Once you have learned the Tantra Techniques religiously, you can create an atmosphere where a student will absorb any particular technique. By diving in deep, the consciousness of the student will get increased.

The art of transmission of Tantra gives pleasure and joy. It is a matter of pride when you can transfer the technique and help people know their lives’ true essence. All it takes is to allow yourself to begin the practice of Tantra methods; the merging of love and witnessing is the key to unlocking every method.

How To Adopt Tantra In Everyday Life

To follow Tantra in everyday life, here are a few principles that are part and parcel of Tantra.

1.  Jnana

Tantra can be brought up by understanding the nature of our bodies. One should be aware that our body is a microcosmos; there is an essence of consciousness and an essence of energy. A body goes through various stages of problems like gastric, digestive, or deficiency if there is disharmony in the interaction of consciousness and energy.

Another understanding is to understand how our mind functions. One gains wisdom through observing. Though we experience emotions and desires from the outside deeper internal emotions, guide us through life processes. Samskaras, karmas, and instincts design these internal emotions. So it is always good to understand how to maintain a harmonizing relationship and bring balance and function well.

2.  Sadhana

Sadhana is the efforts a physical and subtle body should make to unite. There are a few ways of merging individual consciousness with higher consciousness. One needs to fulfill the needs of individual personalities. They cater to the following:

Tantra and yoga combined make an efficient system that will help you to experience your life in full glory.

3.  Acceptance

The simple meaning of acceptance is that we are a non-participant in whatever is happening and just allow things to happen. It is accepting the nature of conditions without struggling. Once we understand that our tensions, worry, fear, and anger can be avoided and there is a direction for our creativity, we accept things.

Focus on awareness, develop understanding, and then meditate with acceptance. These things will make your life worth living, and you will relish every moment.

4.  Yoga For Balance

Yoga is an effective way to bring tuning to your body. We do not lose control over our senses but are directed to express ourselves better.

One must perform karma yoga to contribute to human society or the community efficiently. Then Bhakti yoga for channeling our emotions and feelings in the right direction where they can be expressed without social conditionings. Then practice jnana yoga to experience knowledge practically, not to cram our heads with alien concepts and ideas. And finally, practice kriya yoga to deepen our perception of our inner being so that there is harmony at all physical, subtle, causal, and transcendental levels.

5.  Kundalini

And the final stage is to awaken Kundalini. One must understand that awakening Kundalini is not difficult, but managing those symptoms is difficult. Through sadhana, one can raise kundalini from one chakra to another, but it devastates our personality, and we cannot manage it.

One can get frightened when a tingling sensation begins to move in your body or when a vision comes to your mind. We need faith and self-control, balance, Sayam. Therefore, besides teaching how to awaken kundalini, kundalini yoga must also teach how to manage the states one experiences due to kundalini arousal.

The Bottom Line

Tantra meditation has been adopted by very compassionate and wise masters over thousands of years. They have profoundly studied Tantra and know its loopholes and how to overcome them. Every method and technique of tantra will take you to a new experience of divinity. It helps to discover wholeness.

So, learn Tantra techniques and quickly bring them into your life. And soon you will feel how learning nature will tune to our real nature.