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Even a few years ago, people hardly ever considered yoga teaching as a career. But the world is changing. There are far more reasons for stress and anxiety among people nowadays. Disease and pollution have increased manifold. Therefore, more individuals are understanding the requirement for an approach to destress and loosen up these days. And they are turning to yoga as a solution. Most people across the world prefer to come to India as it is the birthplace of yoga and the premier location for yoga teaching courses. Thus, you will find the greatest opportunity to become a yoga teacher here. However, there is also no dearth of yoga jobs abroad. The alternatives are endless, presently like never before.

Yoga Trainer Job Options

After you become a yoga instructor, there are many different job roles you can fulfil. Given below are some of these:

Yoga Instructor

A yoga instructor is someone who works in a yoga school or studio and teaches students.  A yoga teacher career becomes more and more high-paying with experience. Moreover, if a yoga teacher provides instructions in yoga festivals, events, yoga vacations, etc, they will supplement their income even more.

Yoga Therapist

A yoga advisor utilizes yoga to assist patients with managing an assortment of medical problems. Thus, yoga therapists aim to help people improve their holistic health and achieve physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Yoga Advisor

A yoga advisor is someone who works at a yoga studio and forms the first point of interaction with customers. They help and advise people on what they could try at the studio or school. A yoga advisor must have excellent people skills as well as a thorough knowledge of yoga.

Yoga Specialist

A yoga specialist usually has a more niche knowledge in yoga teaching. For example, the prenatal and kids yoga teacher training courses that the Yoga Alliance outlines are such speciality areas.

Yoga Practitioner

A yoga practitioner or yogi is simply someone who practices yoga to gain more insight. Therefore, they do not plan to earn from it. A lot of people go on yoga holidays as temporary yoga practitioners. Whereas others may spend their entire life this way, either with a small job or in an ashram.

Yoga Teacher

Yoga teachers differ from yoga instructors in that instructors usually teach yoga to people who learn for health or recreational purposes. But a yoga teacher usually teaches those who have professional goals.

Yoga Teacher Trainer

A yoga lead trainer has completed their yoga teaching training. Thus, they now teach yoga teacher training courses to prospective yoga teachers. Most start off as assistant yoga trainers. However, with sufficient experience, they move on to become lead trainers.

Research Officer in Yoga and Naturopathy

Y & N research officers work either in government departments or large corporations. They undertake and assist in research, surveys, evaluations, and assessments to accumulate a variety of data. This data helps to formulate policies and decide future action plans.

Yoga Aerobic Instructor

They usually work in gyms and health centers as trainers and coaches. They design workouts and assist people in their exercise regimes. The more high-profile the gym, the more you earn. You can also become a personal trainer.

Private Yoga Trainer

A lot of yoga instructors become private yoga teachers as it gives them greater independence in their life. These trainers usually provide one-on-one classes to people. Nowadays, they also provide group classes in offices and corporations.

Yoga Consultant

Yoga consultants provide advice to yoga professionals on how to navigate their way in their careers. This is because they know the yoga professional world well and help people establish themselves, progress, or change course in their careers.

Yoga Publication Officer

A yoga publication officer has a number of responsibilities. From guiding in the publication work of papers, books, promotional material, etc to coordinating review work, performing editorial tasks, and keeping published material up-to-date, this is one yoga job that will keep you busy.

Yoga Manager

A yoga manager works in a yoga school or studio and manages its daily activities. Thus, from creating schedules and organizing classes to designing courses and overseeing the studio, they do it all.

Yoga Studio Owner

If you want to be an entrepreneur, you can start your own yoga studio. You can teach your own courses here. Eventually, you may hire other teachers and expand your business.

Assistant Ayurvedic Doctor

You can also assist ayurvedic doctors and naturopaths as a registered yoga teacher. This is because Ayurveda and naturopathy cure often requires the simultaneous practice of yoga for a holistic cure.

Clinical Psychologist

Besides traditional medicine, many yoga teachers can also double as clinical psychologists with proper courses. Their treatments revolve around using yoga to help patients battle their mental health issues.

Yoga Influencer

In the age of social media, a lucrative job option is to become a yoga influencer. You can earn with blogs, videos, and posts on various social networking sites. You can even sell merchandise for extra bucks.

How To Find The Right Course To Learn To Teach Yoga

The above cover most of the career opportunities that you will get in yoga. New windows are opening every day and new types of jobs are cropping up. All in all, the future of a yoga teacher is bright. However, you must still receive the right training to ace in the profession. That is why BookYogaTraining brings you the best YTTCs across the country to help you reach your goal.