What is Sahaja Yoga?

In Sanskrit “Sahaja” means born with and in spontaneous,” Yoga” signifies association with God. The possibility of spiritual ascent and awakening is natural in each. This potential is conceivable to be completed through an extraordinary living procedure of Sahaja Yoga.

Sahaja yoga or “unconstrained association with one’s self,” was founded in 1970 by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi to carry self-acknowledgement to the majority through meditation. This strategy changes human consciousness through systems that advance an increasingly moral, joined together, incorporated, and adjusted self. Experts guarantee that a huge number of individuals in more than ninety nations have experienced the change of winding up progressively joyous and peaceful in life through Sahaja yoga.

How Does It Work?

There are seven chakras inside us. These seven chakras are liable for our physical, enthusiastic, and mental prosperity. When we get our Self Realization, we feel these focuses on the Subtle System inside us. As the Kundalini rises and goes through the six focuses and penetrates through the fontanel bone territory on the highest point of our head, it supports and revives the chakras, so the individual feels calm, loose and full of life.

These chakras are intended for our physical, mental, enthusiastic, and profound requirements. These chakras are illuminated. When the Kundalini punctures through the only remaining focus, which is the fontanel bone territory, which was a delicate bone in our youth, it winds up one with the all-infesting intensity of the Divine love. A cool wind, as lovely vibrations, begins moving through the fingertips. We can likewise feel the cool wind leaving the fontanel bone region on the highest point of our head. This is simply the first experience of Self-Realization.

How to Do Sahaja Yoga Meditation

The first step in Sahaja Yoga requires raising your Kundalini each time you meditate. You have to follow some basic steps to raise the Kundalini. The statements can either be made by looking at Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi’s picture or without looking at her picture. It depends on individual preference.

The initial phase in Sahaja Yoga requires raising your Kundalini each time you meditate. You have to go after some fundamental insistences to raise the Kundalini. The statements can either be made by taking a look at the image of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi or without seeing her image. It relies upon individual choice.

To start Sahaja yoga meditation, you have to sit in an agreeable position on the floor and delicately close your eyes. The system incorporates a nine-advance insistence; every step expects you to have diverse hand positions on the body. This is the way you can do the entire methodology.

  • Put your right side hand on your heart, then ask this to yourself ‘Mother, am I the soul?’
  • In the subsequent stage, you have to bring down your hand to the lungs and say yourself, ‘Mother, am I, master of my own?’
  • In the subsequent phase, you would bring down your hand to your hip and ask, ‘Mother, kindly give me the pure learning.’
  • Raise your hand straight up to your lung and state, ‘Mother, am I, master of my own.’
  • Lift it to your heart subsequently and state the words, ‘Mother, I am the soul.’
  • Bring your hands nearer to the back of your neck and state, ‘Mother, I am not liable.’
  • Raise your hands to your temple and state, ‘Mother, I excuse everybody.’
  • Use your hands and raise it to the back of your head and state, ‘Mother, it would be perfect if you forgive me for whatever my bad behaviour.
  • Put your hands on the highest point of your head and state, ‘Mother, it would be ideal if you give me my self-acknowledgement.’

Benefits of practising Sahaja Yoga:

Improving Health of Emotions, Body, and Mind

Each issue that we face throughout everyday life, stress, injuries, and tensions affect our diverse energy focuses. These focuses give energy to the various organs in the body. If a vitality focus turns out to be too blocked it can’t give enough energy any longer to the individual organs and in this manner, in the end, one can build up a progression of illnesses.

Inner Peace

We find inward harmony when we become competent to stop our reasoning procedure. Simply check for yourself – would you say you are negligent at this moment? How effectively would you be able to stop your considerations? No issue by any means? Great – you are one of the thousands who can deal with that!

Generally, it is hard to quit thinking. We will consistently wait around occasions before (frequently enough being joined by a wide scope of feelings) or plans for the future, which can make worry in us. Did you realize that when you are completely in the present, you don’t think?

Sharp Concentration and Attention

For what reason do kids learn so early? They have a straightforward ploy– they don’t think. They are consistently in the present. Since they are not occupied by any musings about the past or future, they can completely assimilate whatever is offered in the present.

Additionally, they are animated and dynamic. That is because they don’t waste their energy with ceaseless idea preparing. Practising and meditating to keep the concentration over your head will assist you with becoming negligently mindful.

Dealing with problems

When you realize which chakras are influenced by a specific issue, you can expel any squares and offer energy to this centre. This makes you proficient at managing an issue in an exceptionally successful and adjusted route as internally you are never again influenced by the issue.


We as a whole are imaginative creatures yet time, and again when we grow up, our creativity has less and less space to convey what needs be. With Sahaja Yoga Meditation as their energy focuses opened an ever-increasing number of individuals encountered that they naturally turned out to be progressively imaginative or felt an inclination for accomplishing something creative.

Hence, Sahaja Yoga is easy to practice as well includes broad-ranging benefits for our health and mind.

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