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What is yoga?

Yoga originates from Sanskrit word “yuj” that means to unite. The pivotal focus of yoga is the mind; it’s not the soul or the body. Form three thousand years Yoga is practiced all over the world. It refreshes our mind and soul.  There are quite different styles in which yoga is being adept. Yoga also implicates various breathing exercises, meditation process and body postures.

In the present day of work holism, life is very hectic people hardly get time to think about their health. Not only the adults but children also are getting affected by poor health issue and tremendous stress. The feeble eating habits, more pressure of studies are some of the factors. The kids now days spend their free time playing with gadgets and toys instead of going out in the park or playing any outdoor sport. These are the major concern of the parents today.

Five evocative yoga poses for the children.

Learning should be a fun process for kids. So there are various yoga poses that children can practices. The most 5 Kids friendly yoga poses are described below:

  • Virasana (Hero pose):

This pose is for the very effective for the legs of kids, its beneficial as its stretches the shoulders, spine it also improves the blood pressure, helps in the digestion process as kids follow may have unhealthy eating habits. Along with this, it corrects the posture of the child and also relieves the tiredness of the legs.

The procedure for doing pose:

In this the child is made to sit on the knees and feet hip-width apart, the heels should touch the hips. The hands are placed on the knees on such a manner that the palm is facing up. Next step is to keep the spine straight; the shoulders must be drop-in a downward direction and little towards the back. Take a deep breath and relax. Be in the same posture as long as it’s comfortable. The pose should be done in a proper manner following all instructions so that it won’t hurt of kids should not feel uncomfortable.

  • Virkshasana (Tree pose):

This pose of yoga is considered as one of the best poses as the kids enjoy doing this pose. This pose is beneficially in enhancing the concentration as this pose is all about balancing the whole body on one leg. This help to practice how to remain focused in life which is essential for leading a happy life.

 The procedure for doing pose:

This pose bears a resemblance to the tree. In this, the whole weight of the whole body is to put on the one leg, for this pose stand on the one leg and the then fold the knee of the other leg that is to be placed over the thigh of the leg to balance the weight. Fold the hands in the namaskar position by stretching the arms up.  For few minutes continue to be the same position. Then repeat the same with the other leg.

  • Vajrasan (Thunderbolt Pose):

This pose is beneficial for the stomach and liver of the child; it helps in to strengthen the lower back and also improve the digestion of the child.

The procedure for doing pose:

For practising this pose the child should sit on the keens, the arms are extended straight in front, then bend the arms in such way that your palms face you and your fingers point straight up. Now place right elbow into your left and pass left hand in front of the right, bring the palm together. Hold the pose for few minutes and breathe in and out regularly. 

  • Shashankasansa (Rabbit Pose):

This poses beneficial in improving the immunity of the body. Along with this, it also helps in stretching the back, and along with shoulders. In addition to this, it also relieves the stress by increasing the blood flow.

The procedure for doing pose:

As this is the stress-relieving pose, the child needs to roll in the forward direction onto the crown of the head for which the hands grasp the behind the back, lift the hip carefully  .stay in the position for few seconds and take a deep breath in and out, Repeat the same for 3-4 times.

  • Adho Mukhasvanasana – (Dog Pose)

This yoga is beneficially in improving the blood circulation system which in turns reduces the stress and the anxiety in the child. It also helps to support the bones and in increasing the flexibility of the body.

 The procedure for doing pose:

Form a table like a pose such that the back act as the table top and the hands and the feet act like table legs. Lift the hips as much as you can, straighten the knees and elbow; chest is pushed inside, the head is stretched inwards in a downward position. Repeat the pose for 3-4 times


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