yoga mat


A popular saying “Yoga is the practice of tolerating the consequence of being yourself.” Yoga refreshes mind and soul. We need a yoga mat to practice yoga in a better way.

Following are 10 Simple questions we need to ask before buying the mat:

1) Weight:

The first thing we need to check is the weight of the mat, as some people prefer to do yoga in the house while others prefer to do it outside on the fresh air, so weight is very important. The mat should be lightly weighted so that it can be carried easily and we can take mat along with us at any place that we want to.

2) Place of doing yoga:

The place where the yoga is done is also an important part of mat selection. If we do yoga at home for that, they can take the light mat but if we are doing the yoga outside in that case mat we need is different. So the place of doing yoga is also considered.

3) The material of the mat:

This is also a key factor in choosing the mat. There are various options present in the market while buying the mat. The mat can be made of PVC, rubber, padded, cotton, etc. all these types of mats are available we need to choose the best quality mat among all.

4) Thickness:

What is the thickness of the mat? Another important factor is the thickness of the mat. A yoga mat is usually 1/2 inch thick. These mats are easy to carry and can be rolled. So yoga mat with thickness is best to use.

5) Mat appearance:

The colour if the mat is also considered as people get attracted to the bright colour, so we buy a bright colour mat, we are likely to go to yoga. So choose a pleasing colour of the mat

6) Storage:

One of the most important factors taken into consideration while buying the mat is the storage. A mat should be easy to store. It’s always advisable to invest in the lightly weighted mat that is portable and are easy to store. So when we buy a mat keep this thing in mind that it easily get a roll and can be stored anywhere.

7) The surface of the mat:

The surface of the mat is also an important factor. The mat should be selected on the type of yoga that to be done. The non –slip mat the best choice in such case as they will give the best grip, no matter how much you move on the mat. These mats are best for practising yoga inside. Another type of mat is the nonstock mat. If we are practising the yoga outside, then these type of mat are quite useful as they have a rough texture, so they are used for an intense yoga pose.

8) Price:

This is also a major factor considered while buying the mat. People usually prefer the mat that is cheap, as they think that these mats are best, but these mats are not long-lasting and will tear very fast and easily. Also, the quality of the mat is not good. So if we want to practice yoga on a serious basis, we should look out for some good brands that will give the quality product.

9) Accessories:

It depends on the need of the person like if a person has to travel every day for practising yoga, he may require a handle or a person can also purchase a carrying case for the mat. In this, the mat can be rolled and can be placed anywhere

10) Eco-friendly:

One of the major concerns is that the mat should be eco-friendly. It shouldn’t cause any type of damage to nature. So this should also be taken into consideration. It will also allow you to stay comfortable while practising yoga. It should also easy to clean and maintain once it gets dirty after your daily use.



A yoga mat is an essential thing if you are interested in doing yoga. To chose a yoga mat is not as easy as it seems; it quite an onerous process. Before buying the mat, the factors discussed above should be taken into consideration. Tips for clean yoga mats.