Yoga Teacher

Yoga teacher or instructor is the person who teaches you the yoga methods and techniques to the learners in a very easy way. Great yoga teachers always do his/her best to teach their students. But, the question is what makes a yoga teacher great? How to know that the teacher is best? Well, we can’t use the “great” word so easy for anyone. There are many qualities which should be available in all those who are greats.

Occasionally, we have seen that there is a great yoga instructor but also boring, in other cases, the yoga teacher has a lack of expertise, but the class has fun together. So what is the difference here? There are no standards which are responsible make a yoga teacher great. But, following are a few of the qualities which should be in yoga instructors:

Ability to join

The size of the yoga class doesn’t matter. A certified yoga teacher makes everybody feel easy and has an impression on every person so that the learners can feel like they feel right. All great yoga teachers can touch their student’s heart using the same way.

Personality and Energy

The qualities of personality and energy should be available in every yoga teacher to make him/her great. Their way of teaching, sense of humor and heartedness put a good impression on your heart. Preferably you desire your energy to calm, focused, enthusiastic and centered.


A successful teacher always rules the mind of the learners. Yoga learners always follow every step and move made by the teacher! It’s an unspeakable quality, similar to a natural self-assurance. Every move a yoga teacher takes like works the room, a glance or even a subtle touch even can be sufficient to encourage the learners.


Planning a yoga class on the very first day is going to a good idea. Plan early that what you have to do in class tomorrow, you should reach early in the class, have a conversation with the students and create the environment of class more peaceful before it begins.


Flexibility is not just important for your body but also your personality. A great yoga instructor changes their way of teaching according to the learners. Yoga teachers always work according to the plan, but the plan can also be changed to as per their students.

Love of Yoga

Many teachers always love what they think and do. On the other hand, many teachers who always feel exhausted, and those who don’t have any feelings. Yoga aims to improve the body, mind, and the spirit. When a yoga teacher loves the way what they do then the students also take in that feeling.


A great yoga teacher should physically fit. It is the best way to lead the students. Not everybody has gifted good body and personality, but they have to do some workout, an understanding of movement, physiology and alignment. It will motivate the students in a better way.


The person should want to inspire, want to teach and want to improve. Presently nobody is interested to hear a lecture they want it to be practical. So, it’s good when a yoga teacher works and teaches as they want. Teachers can explain the medical benefits of postures in a very short explanation or distinction for people with physical limitations or injuries.

Attention to Detail

There are many faces of life in which sometimes easy adjustments are required, whereas in some conditions you have to kick out the bad habits and learn again from starting. A great yoga teacher makes sure that no one student gets injured during the yoga class and they do everything properly and in well manners. A great yoga teacher always focuses more on their students to make them happy.

Work hard & Feel the Room

Yoga teachers are always counted great when they work hard and make everybody feel special who comes in their contact. This feeling can either just for some moments. It is only possible when they make this happen. This also counted as a great gift for all yoga teachers.

Talented yoga teachers sound natural rather than scripted. So, the greatness of a yoga teacher always depends on the excellence of the guidance they offer.