Opting for a yoga teacher training course can take you to success you would have never imagined. If you think completing a yoga teacher training course is merely working on a mat? If YES, this blog will help you know more options after the yoga alliance certification. Learn exciting and trending ways to earn after completing your YTT.

Here is a blog that will tell you excellent ways to build money as a Yoga Instructor.

Teaching Yoga Personally

  • Teaching at Gym or Studio

The easiest and most common way to work as a Yoga Instructor is by teaching yoga at a Gym or Yoga studio. You can even tie-up with more than one yoga studio and take yoga sessions there. Amplify your resume by joining a yoga teacher training course. The thing to consider here is that this will be your sole income.

  • Taking Private Sessions

After working with renowned yoga studios, you can also grab the opportunity to take yoga sessions privately because many people would love to learn yoga in the comfort of their homes. This way, you can also make a group and teach them together. So, it can be an enchanting opportunity for you.

  • Teaching Corporate Yoga

Adding companies to your clients can help you to diversify your income. Teaching corporate yoga already sounds fun, so why not take up yoga in the corporate sector. Many companies promote fitness regimes for their employees; thus, taking yoga classes at corporate companies would be great for you and society.

  • Teaching at Hotels

Many hotels and retreats offer yoga classes to their guests. You can teach various styles of yoga and gain experience in teaching a variety of people. Collab with multiple hotels and retreats, organize your yoga sessions and see how you get famous.

  • Teaching at Daycare

Yoga is not only popular among adults but children too due to its enormous benefits. If you are not certified in children’s yoga, you can go for many online yoga teacher training courses. If you are children yoga certified, don’t miss the opportunity to take yoga classes at daycare schools.

  • Organizing Yoga Pop-ups

Organizing yoga classes at beaches, parks, and rooftop lounges will break the monotony of Yoga studios and amplify your yoga teaching experience. You can use Instagram or Facebook to gather people for your yoga session. You can also add refreshments and juices after the end of class.

  • Teaching At Workshops

Workshops are going popular and productive these days. Supplement your income by offering workshops on yoga lifestyle or style-specific yoga workshops. You can choose from aerial yoga, Ayurveda diet, yoga Nidra, and sound healing workshops; these are some popular workshops in which people are taking part. 

Yoga Beyond Mats

  • Writing Blogs And Publications

It is time to pen down your thoughts and feelings for yoga and spread your yoga knowledge through blogs and articles. Avail the opportunity of writing blogs as many are looking for genuine yoga blogs. Writing blogs will not only help you earn extra but will also enhance your charm towards your work.

  • Writing A Book

Writing can provide you with passive income. After writing blogs and articles on yoga, you may develop a passion for writing more. You can even consider writing a book or ebook. Writing can provide you with passive income. Also, an ebook can be self-publish making them more accessible to people who need them.

  • Starting A Podcast

Record a podcast, talk about your views on yoga, and let everyone know what you think yoga is. The podcast is the newest and the trendiest thing you can do on social media. Just talk about your passion and let everyone listen and get inspired by you. You can even get a space rented for recording a podcast.

  • Building A Brand

Building a brand requires constant effort and dedication. But once you build your brand, you can create apps or start your yoga retreat. Brand building will amplify your business and take it to new heights.

  • Managing A Yoga Studio

After a yoga teacher training course, don’t restrict yourself on the mat; there is much more you can do off the mat. You can start managing a yoga studio if you have received yoga alliance certification. You can take part in the administrative, sales, and marketing tasks and start your yoga studio.

Social Media Tactics

  • Instagram Influencer

Ever thought Instagram could help you make money? Create a business account on Instagram and start making money. Create videos, post daily stories and reach 10,000 followers. A good amount of content will get you many offers for a collab and a good amount of engagements. Be constant and fresh with your content, and you will surely rock the platform.

  • Owning a YouTube Channel

Owning a YouTube Channel is another way of earning money online. Create a youtube channel, run your online yoga classes there and help people with their questions and queries. Being regular and consistent will help you grow your subscribers, and once you get many views, various companies will give money for their advertising; hence you will earn.

 Teaching Online

  • Taking Online Classes

Online yoga classes have gained popularity after the covid and are still in the trend. Many platforms provide subscription-based yoga classes from different instructors. Many people can connect with you and learn yoga. It will take time to become a reputed online yoga instructor but be dedicated.

  •  Offering Paid Content

Create your website and keep some good content for paying. If you do not want to rely on YouTube, you offer paid range through your website. You can provide exclusive yoga classes based on different yoga styles. 

  • Creating Online Training Program

Once you have yoga alliance certification, you can start with a signature yoga teacher training program. Start with 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training covering yoga postures, anatomy and physiology, yogic philosophy, and teaching methodology.

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Earning money is not easy; you need to put in your talent and constant efforts. Also, you can’t get famous in a single night. So put in your hard work as a Yoga instructor, and things will turn out best for you. Explore and experiment with yoga in your way and show it to the world. Do not hassle yourself in earning; things take time but will soon turn out best for you.

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