Tantra Meditation

Tantra is often misunderstood as a form of sexual ritual, but it is more to it. So here is a blog that will help you to know how Tantra meditation can improve your relationship sensually and spiritually.

What Is Tantra Meditation?

Usually, many people do not know their bodies. Tantra is an expansive knowledge of the body that is focused on harnessing power, energy, and connection. Tantra Meditation believes that all the powers in the universe lie in our bodies.

Tantra meditation aims to deepen the connection between our inner selves and the universe by awakening the power of primordial cosmic energy. This is done by channeling the energy to transform the body and soul. The process involves various tantra techniques, such as meditation, to give you a spiritual experience like no other.

The concept of Tantra meditation differs from typical meditation because of its energy use. Meditation focuses on calmness and relaxation, using specific energy to elevate you into a higher state of consciousness.

Benefits Of Tantra Meditation

Increase In Intimacy

 If you are looking for more intimacy and connection with your partner, then Tantra Meditation is what you need. The techniques of Tantra meditation involve sensual touching, eye contact, and aligning energies all of these bring ease to the partner. It also helps to develop a strong connection that leads to a deeper spiritual connection.

Improved Sensuality

 If you are looking for something to restore your sex life, then try Tantra meditation. Tantra meditation rejuvenates your sexuality by increasing your libido and sex drive. One must understand that orgasm or sex is not the goal of Tantra, but it awakens previously suppressed sexual energy in you. So if you feel you are losing sexual desire, try Tantra Meditation.

In-depth Awareness

 Whatever form of meditation you do, one thing you will encounter is self-awareness. The essence of Tantra Meditation lies in harnessing your Shakti; hence you get a deeper understanding of yourself. And as soon as you dig deeper, you begin to contact and communicate with yourselves. Self-awareness will lead you to the mode of prolonged happiness and increased self-esteem.

Fights Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Tantra Meditation helps eliminate negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, and depression. The breathing techniques remove all the toxicity and clean you from within. Tantra meditation helps to forge emotional states of great bliss. Your life will improve once you experience Tantra Meditation’s nectar.

Leads To Self-Heal

If you have experienced physical or emotional trauma and face great difficulty overcoming it, Tantra Meditation is what you need to try. Give your time to Tantra Meditation and move yourself to the healing path. Tantra practices like projection and recollection help to connect you with divine energy. It will bring back feelings of love, compassion, and desire, and you will feel free from all the suffering.

Elevated Productivity

When you reach the state of deepest meditation relaxation, you tend to increase the mental functions in your body. You can perform mental tasks, mental calculations and abstracts more effectively. Also, it increases your body’s capacity to process information more easily and quickly.

Opens Blockages

It helps relieve you from the blocked energy and the emotions driving you away from your partner. These can be done by performing several breathing techniques that open up your blocked nerves.

Stages Of Tantra Meditation For Couples

Tantra Meditation is all about exploring yourself and your partner. It helps to create a sync and reignite the intimacy that you were lacking in your relationship. Follow the amazing steps and dive deep into the spiritual cum sensual experience.

Stage 1: Breathing

Tantra Meditation is guided breathwork that helps awaken sexual desires and inspires a deeper sense of calm and peace within one’s mind. It involves audible exhales that activate vague nerves and open the vocal cords.

Working on breathing:

  • Sit facing each other. Set yourself in a comfortable position, and you can always use cushions for better comfort. Use incense sticks or essential oils to lite the mood of a place. Make sure that you feel safe, secure, and comfortable.
  • Intentions play a key role. Intentions do most of the work in Tantric meditation, enabling subtle thoughts, feelings, and impressions that affect you and your partner.
  • Mental Connections. As partners, you already share a connection, and with meditation, this connection will increase tenfold.
  • Breathe together and release control. Once you feel locked in and connected, breathe in sync. You will feel the flow of energy flowing through your partner.

Stage 2: Kundalini/ Chakras

Incorporating chakra and kundalini focus, like breathing, will help you get a magical and euphoric experience. Normally, we know only five senses, but there is more to them. Once you get to know them, you will amplify your connection with your partner and a deeper connection to the divine.

  • Face each other and see a serpent-like spiral of light that will represent consciousness and inner divinity.
  • You will feel the flow of light from the root to the crown of your head.
  • Place your left hand on your knee facing upwards, and gently lift your palm towards your partner’s chest. Your left hand is a receiving hand, and your right hand is a giving hand.
  • Send positive energy, healing thoughts, and love to your partner; at this point, your hands should be a few inches away from each other’s hearts.
  • To amplify it, you can always use color and visualization.
  • Gradually you will feel the golden light flowing up from a pelvic region. If you and your partner are in sync, then this will create the most beautiful, blissful, and deeply connected bond.

Stage 3: Intuitive

You cannot separate sexual and spiritual energy because they have the same source. So if you are looking for a connection that is more than a physical level. Sexual connection is important, but to do it spiritually is quite important.

The intimacy during Tantra meditation is not about sex but about celebrating your body and feeling the highest sensuality. During Tantra, intuitive and sensual touch is meant to be slow and satisfying. These long sessions aim to put orgasm off to enjoy closeness and intimacy for as long as possible. Once you get the rhythm by synchronizing the breath, now is the time for sexual intimacy.

After you undress, you should begin touching and feeling every part of your partner’s body. You need to notice what your partner likes most and then move accordingly. The idea here is to maintain eye contact and focus on breathing. Be in the present moment and enjoy every sensation your body and mind feel.

The Parting Words

I hope the blog was enough to guide you on exploring Tantric Meditation for couples. Tantra is all about energy and connection; it is meant to give benefits to your body, mind, spirit, and relationships.

Tantra meditation is a great way to increase the intimacy between you and your partner. Also, if you want self-exploration, look for Tantra sessions; they will never disappoint you. It will reignite your relationship, build confidence, and improve connection and affection.

Now it is the time to invite your partner for an amazing spiritual and sensual practice using tantra Meditation. You will surely have a lifetime experience that will take your life to another height.

Enjoy the Tantra Meditation!