Yoga for beginners

Are you going to practice yoga for your health and well-being? Are you a beginner? Are you currently exploring guidance for yoga poses to be exercised correctly? Then you are at the accurate place because this article is a complete guide where you can get the answers to your all questions about yoga. Here you will get including everything that you want to make out before starting your first learner yoga exercises. Here you will also learn that what is yoga? How to decide whether practicing yoga is best for you or not? What tools do you need? What to wear? What style to select for your former class? How often to do it?

Is Yoga available to everybody? There is no matter how you look, what is your age group, what you wear, what you do for a living, how much you think about, and what religion you practice or where you do live, etc. Yoga is not restricted in any way. It’s feasible that you have to go through a recent injury or a few conditions that make it dangerous or challenging to perform a few types of yoga, breathing techniques or specific poses, although there will be possibly safe options that a skilled yoga trainer can help you.

If you are above 55, extremely inflexible or out of shape, start with a mild class till the time you feel it’s secure to go for something more tricky. But, don’t overlook your pain initiated with yoga. Yoga is done on a yoga mat in bare feet. If you’re going to join yoga classes in a studio, then they will offer everything that you want. But, if you are going to learn yoga classes online, then you will need a mat for yoga. Also, check that if you need additional equipment for yourself.


Preparing before first yoga class:

A yoga class is a place without the judgment of anybody where they will care for you and you can feel comfortable. During the starting classes, you will find it difficult to keep up with everybody but don’t worry about that. It’s essential to go for easy yoga poses so that you can do everything carefully. To practice, the yoga poses you are not required to know their names. Most trainers provide clear coaching right through and instructions for positioning and alignment.

Following is a list of benefits of yoga which will help you out:

  • Yoga maintain and improve the health of organs, muscles, and joints
  • It helps to keep your mind strong
  • It helps to get a good night sleep
  • It prevents wounds during sports and improves performance
  • It speeds up recovery from training
  • Yoga protects you from conditions, for example, auto-immune disorders, heart disease and diabetes
  • It slows down the depressing effects of a sitting job
  • Yoga also increases your well being and sense of happiness.

Yoga Asanas for Beginners

Yoga is an exercise which helps you out in physical exercise, stamina, helping improve toning, strength, posture, flexibility and balance, and discipline which helps you to relax, de-stress, feel more energetic and healthier. Following are a few Yoga asanas which you can use to get started:

  1. Mountain Pose (Tadasana)
    In Mountain pose, you will learn how anyone can stand with imposing steadiness similar to mount. The meaning of the word ‘Tada’ is a mountain, from where the actual name came. It includes the major set of muscles as well as improves concentration and focus. Mountain pose is the starting position when you begin practicing for all the asanas.
  2. Tree Pose (Vrikshasana)
    In Tree pose, you will get a feeling of grounding. It enhances your stability and strengthens your back and legs. It repeats the firm posture of a tree.
  3. Downward Facing Dog Pose (Adho Mukho Svanasana)
    This posture enlarges chest, hamstrings and stretches out the spine, providing supplementary blood flow toward the brain. It will let you feel energetic.
  4. Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)
    This pose stretches the torso and legs, promotes deep breathing and activates the hips, leaving the individual with energizing effects.
  5. Chair Pose (Kursiasana)
    This pose is intensely powerful; this one builds up the muscles of the legs and arms. It builds your resolution as well as has a reviving effect on the mind and body.


We hope that these yoga poses are going to be very helpful for you to start your yoga practice. If you are experiencing pain, then you should prefer to consult a doctor before starting a new exercises routine.

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