Yoga for Schools

Yoga is the act of physical, mental and profound prosperity of the person that was instituted in the old India. Yoga has been defined as an association with God. The fundamental goal of yoga is to provide mental and physical relaxation. The stances of yoga are useful even to wipe out sickness. College and school students are young, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have any tensions, pressures, and stress in their life. So, let’s talk about yoga to make it a compulsory part of the schools.

Students have to sit on the desk for long hours in their daily routine, and then go back to home and studying for hours to finish the assignments and homework, practise for exams, practice for extra-curricular activities and many more. All these actions make the body and mind of students stressful. To make an increment, there are many family and social challenges, anxiety, emotional and bullying that also put their toll on students.

Yoga works like magic on almost every new age dilemma such as depression, obesity, panic attacks and diabetes. It is a blessing for both grown-ups and young children. Following are some of the advantages of adding yoga in the daily life of students:

1) Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Yoga’s natural capacity is to stop the psychological prattle and live at the time anxiety and stress. Students have a lot of stress on their mind with which they lack to show up their talent and ability. So, if the yoga is the part of the school day, then they can calm their mind efficiently.

2) Improves Attention Span and Memory

With the help of Yoga, the children and adults can improve their memory function and attention span. It will directly help them to better their academic performance. In reality, yoga also helps students who are suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) by reducing its main indications for example impulsivity, inattentiveness and hyperactivity.

3) Beneficial to Manage Weight

Students spend most of the daily time in sitting positions and they like to eat more junk food and both enhance body weight. Yoga is the best option to reduce the weight and change the lifestyle of students.

4) Improves Posture, Flexibility and Balance

Sitting down long hours for study at the same place and in the same position leads to make the posture incorrect. This poor posture can build up major structure difficulties in adult life. Working out various asanas daily can improve the poor posture, improves balance and enhances flexibility.

5) To Teach accurate breathing practices

Breathing is an important part of our life and how we inhale and exhale breathe is directly linked to our overall health. With the help of pranayama and breathing exercises, the students can easily learn the correct techniques of breathing and improve their life quality.

7) Encourages Self-Care and Self-Love

Yoga helps to improve inside healing instead of outer look. It guides the students on how they can love and respect their bodies. Yoga trained the children to be comfortable in nature and their body as well.

8) Reduces Violence and Absences In School

If students have balanced temperament and good health they will take leaves from school occasionally and stop fighting on minor issues with each other. Yoga will help them to connect more positively to attend school and develop strong relations with their peers and teachers.

9) Improves Coping Skills

As we know that students are burdened with loads of anxiety. Yoga guides the students that how they can correctly deal with the stress and stay creative. This is the main reason to make yoga compulsory in the daily life of students and make them more mindful.

10) Improves physical appearance and boosts immunity

Along with its countless health advantages, yoga also improves immunity and avoids attacks from various bacteria and viruses by growing the intensity of antibodies. Yoga improves the blood circulation which works like magic for the nails, skin and hair. A fit body always looks and feels happy.

Yoga is an old wellness technique, but it is very effective in the present. When it is about the advantages of yoga then above mentioned are just a bucket of water from the sea. It has various fine rewards that are helpful for a joyful and healthy joyful life. Schools should have to take the initiative and gift the students the wealth of yoga!