Yoga Beginners Tips

Are you dreaming of learning yoga someday? If yes, the day is here.

Yoga is something that should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle. It will help you release tension and stress by making your mind and body flexible and strengthened. Learning yoga is not rigid, but you need to be determined. You need to take specific steps to incorporate yoga into your life. So, here is a blog that will make your yoga journey easy.

Many people do not get enough time for proper working out but want to stay fit. So, after much research, we have come out with fantastic tips for yoga beginners. These tips will keep your yoga practice up only by dedicating 15-20 minutes and motivate you to continue your yoga journey happily.

1. Find A Quality Teacher

If you are serious about learning yoga, find an experienced yoga teacher who can give you insights and guidance as you practice yoga. A qualified teacher will resolve all your queries and confusion related to yoga and help you achieve proper yoga postures.

So, look for a kind, friendly, and compassionate teacher.

2. Learn Some Poses Ahead Of Time

It is always better to do your homework, so prepare yourself well when you start your first yoga class. Learn and practice a few easy asanas like Child pose, Warrior pose, Sun Salutation, and Mountain pose.

Learning them before your class begins will make you feel confident and your body flexible.

3. Clothing Matters

The proper clothing will make a massive difference in a yoga class. Ideally, one must wear a supportive top and a bottom made with breathable fabric. Do not wear loose or feel coked. So the right piece of clothing will make your yoga enjoyable and easy.

You can choose thermal athletic gear during winter and always layer them up.

4. Use A Non-Slip Mat

A yoga mat plays an essential role in your safety while performing yoga. It acts like a cushion for your joints, knees, and elbows. Choose a mat with enough stickiness and grip to hold your hands and knees in place.

Clean your mat often to avoid an unpleasant smell and maintain traction.

5. Modify According To Your Body

You are wrong if you think your body will learn and perform good poses in the first attempt. Understand your body, and you should not be in a hurry to achieve your best.

Ask your instructor to help you out. You can even take the help of blocks, blankets, and straps to make poses easier for your body.

6. Just Start

If you are a yoga enthusiast and what to learn yoga but have difficulty going far and learning, then no issues. You can start a yoga practice at home or enroll in a nearby yoga studio.

Do not wait for the perfect time but make every time perfect. Start yoga, and slowly you can jump to another level of yoga.

7.  Avoid Comparisons

Comparisons are the worst thing you can do to yourself. You can always draw motivation, appreciation, and inspiration from others, but there should be no comparison. You can never compare your today with someone else tomorrow, so stay calm and look at yourself.

Comparison will make you feel down, and you have to rise, so there is no point in comparing.

8. Go Slow But Steady

Give your mind and body enough time to feel yoga from within. Yoga is not a piece of cake; it is something that triggers and excites you from within. In the beginning, you may feel that you are moving so slowly but look at the positive side that at least you are improving daily.

So slow, but practice mindfulness and improve your concentration.

9. Stay Focussed

Your hands and feet are the foundation of your body. Your whole body balance depends on how you keep your hands and feet during yoga poses.

Initially, pay attention to the way how your feet are positioned. Try to spread the fingers of your toes to make firm support to your body. Have a strong and steady foundation to maintain yoga postures for a longer duration.

10. Remove Distraction

We all have distractions, but how we deal with them is crucial. So start making a to-do list before your yoga session. A to-do list will help you to plan your day accordingly by removing distractions.

Take breaks, like listening to your favorite song but stick to your time. Slowly you will learn to overcome your distractions.

11. Hydrate Well

Hydration is needed in whatever exercise you choose to do. Ensure you drink enough because underhydration will make you feel less energized. Drinking 16ounces of water before and 20ounces after a yoga class is advisable to replace fluids.

A good amount of water will make you look and feel good.

12. Set An Intention

Setting an intention is crucial as it will act as motivation throughout the journey of yoga. The choice here is the purpose, the aim that will serve as a driving force. It will help you eliminate distractions and re-channel your focus onto your goal.

An intention brings peace, happiness, and kindness to you.

13. Concentrate On Breathing

Slow breathing, also known as yogic breathing, allows you to relax when your body moves through different poses. Breathe slowly and deeply in your routine; it will promote better circulation and reduce stress. It will relax your mind and body.

The flow of breath plays a vital role in your yoga class, so start practicing slow breathing from now onwards.

14. Eat Mindfully

If you prefer to eat before your yoga class, do light snacking. You can have some nuts, fiber-packed fruits, sports bar. You should not eat greasy or garlicky food before the yoga session as it may cause discomfort. You can eat a good meal before 3 hours of a yoga session.

15. Smile Often

The best thing you can do to yourself is always smile. A yoga learning journey is not easy, and you may feel it is heavy on you but always remember smooth oceans do not make good surfers. So work hard, and soon you will become the best.

Smile because you have many things to be grateful for.

16. Understand Your Body

Discover and know what are your limits physically and mentally. Listen to your body as you perform yoga poses. Sometimes you may experience pain in a particular area, pressure, or even difficulty breathing. So immediately stop and understand; ask your instructor or even a doctor.

Avoid a few yoga poses dealing with chronic disease, pregnancy, or injury.

17. Show Up On A Mat

You know what is essential in the journey of learning yoga; it is your presence. Your presence( physically and mentally, too) plays a massive role in your progress. Sometimes you may feel weak and lazy, but just show up on the mat, and you will fix things instantly.

Maintain regular practice. Increase the number of days and times of practicing yoga.

18. Relax With Shavasana

There is nothing best pose than a Shavasana(DEAD BODY POSE). It is a relaxing pose that continues for 15-20 minutes. All you need to do is relax your muscles, breathe slowly, and close your eyes.

The asana is fundamental after the hectic yoga poses. Shavasana relaxes you and keeps your energy intact.

Parting Words

So, now that you know how to begin your yoga journey. Pull your socks and start with a fantastic trip. Once you start doing yoga, you will become addicted to it. It is a great way to increase flexibility and strength.

Yoga comes to the rescue if you are living a stressful life. After attending a few yoga sessions, you will know your body needs yoga. Initially, you will feel learning yoga is challenging, but as soon as you get a hold of yoga, you will love it. Just practice well under the guidance of a qualified teacher and, most importantly, show up on the mat.

Yoga is a light; once lit never gets dim. The better your practice, the brighter the flame.