yoga in indiaAre you also one who would love to ditch the boring 9-6 work life? Or are you one of those who want to do something physically, emotionally, and spiritually rewarding? If Yes, I am living your dream job- Yoga Instructor.

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a qualified Yoga Teacher?

The blog is perfect for you if you are a yoga enthusiast and want to take it as your career choice. The blog will guide you toward embracing the yoga journey. It will tell you why being a yoga instructor is the best choice you can make in your life. Teaching and learning yoga in India is what makes me feel more blessed.

The blog will share my personal experience of becoming a yoga teacher and what it feels like to be one. The article compiles all the lessons I learned throughout the journey of Yoga teaching in India.

It is a fantastic 5-min read that will help you choose India as your yoga teaching destination.

Why I Choose Rishikesh For Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga has been mentioned in Rig Vedas for 5000 years. Since then, ancient techniques and wisdom related to yoga have been transferred from yogi to yogi. Rishikesh is the birthplace of Yoga. Some famous yogis begin their yoga practice and lifestyle in the lapse of Rishikesh.

No wonder Rishikesh is the perfect place to practice yoga, its beauty is spell-bound, and the mild weather increases your desire for yoga. Rishikesh has a vibe that is powerful, magical, and peaceful. The city is divided into two by the holy river Ganga. Also, three famous hanging bridges are known as Ram Jhula, Laxman Jhula, and Janki Jhula, making the place more unique and divine.

If you are looking for a perfect destination to teach yoga in India, it is in Rishikesh. For me, Rishikesh has done wonders. It has transformed me into an individual I never imagined; it led me on the journey of self-discovery. With Yoga, I have overcome the trauma of diseases and depression, and It has made life simple and worth living.

Why Should You Teach In India?

Below are the reasons that will help you consider your decision to teach yoga in India.

Authentic Yoga

India is the birthplace of yoga and is the main attraction for tourists learning yoga. When you know yoga, you understand the underlying philosophy of yoga. India delivers the right reasons and ways to do yoga, so teaching yoga in India is perfect.

Suitable Climate And Environment

I was honored to work as a yoga instructor in India. Learning and practicing yoga needs a proper yoga guru and a soothing environment. India has a moderate climate that creates an appropriate mood for yoga. Rishikesh, Dharamshala, and Goa are the most beautiful places for learning and teaching yoga.

Meet-Like Minded People

It is always a pleasure to meet new people and share their ideas and experiences. The therapy of exchanging thoughts is a mind-opening activity. I found myself in an international group in my journey of learning and teaching yoga. I met people and made new friends, which is still the best part of my life.

Explore Your Yoga Goals

Yoga is vast; even after learning so much, you might feel you do not know anything. Yoga gives you a scope of exploring. It helps you to understand the underlying reasons behind everything. You will feel more connected to yourself; thus, yoga will help you grow and explore more.

Traveling With Teaching

India is full of adventure and exploring, so if you ever get a chance to do yoga teaching and travel, do not miss the opportunity. Yoga teacher training and traveling complement each other so well. Traveling enhances your knowledge and helps you learn and understand people more. Traveling while teaching will help you gain new perspectives on life.

Journey Toward Self-Development

Whether you are learning or teaching yoga, yoga in India will help you reflect on the process of self-development. Self-discovery is the real discovery; thus, pursuing yoga in your life will help you better know yourself. Yoga teacher training will always be a turning point and a lifelong experience you cherish.

Things I Learned By Learning And Teaching Yoga

1. You Never Know Everything

Yoga is enormous; no one could understand it. Even as a yoga instructor, I realized you do not know everything. Being in front of the room does not mean you are an expert. We can learn by being a teacher. Now, after my experience, I always feel I can learn more and grow more. Hence I am eventually growing as an honest teacher.

2. Importance Of Stillness

My Mind was never still, even when I was watching TV. My mind was doing something different, so I needed to work on stilling my mind. When I entered yoga teacher training, stilling my mind was the most challenging task. A still mind is considered the best healer. Gradually I learned that to remove your body from pain and suffering; you need perfect yoga postures and a still mind.

3. Embracing The Uniqueness

In the sessions when I used to take yoga teacher training, I asked students to do a tree pose, all students managed to do the tree poses, but every pose differed. I understood in the class that we need to embrace uniqueness; no two things can be identical. We need to accept those things as it is.

4. You Become More Kind

Living without the luxurious and coming out of our comfort zones makes us down to earth. It makes us feel that we do not possess anything; everything we have is just temporary. Thus we became kinder and began to understand others well. After my YTT, I remember my mother saying I now get less angry, and yes, I have started to focus on neutral paths of reactions.

5. Beyond The Physical Aspect Of Yoga

Poses in yoga are essential, but what matters more is love for all. Yoga helps you become more compassionate towards each other. It teaches you to love everyone without having a prejudiced assumption. One must understand yoga is beyond physical poses; it is about mental health and healing.

6. Bond With Yoga Sutras

Reading yoga sutras and channelizing them into my life is a fantastic experience. It helped me to balance work and study. It also helps me to improve my compassion, generosity, and honesty. Yoga Sutras are practical and can be followed daily, making them accessible and worth living.

7. Yoga Teachers Are Powerful

Yoga has not only brought light, healing, and compassion to my life but what I got is the experience of teachers. There were very powerful yoga instructors who used to share their struggle stories. The stories were about their sexual abuse and depression; I learned how to heal myself from all the traumatic situations and bring back an amazing YOU.

8. Do It Now

I always had a habit of procrastinating things, but after my yoga teacher training, I understood there was no right time. Proper time is now or never; if you need to do something, do it immediately. Make things right, and time will align itself. Be strong and sensible enough to understand the real obstacles and rectify them soon.

9. See Things As They Are

Usually, what we see and interpret has a lot of difference; being in a yoga practice for too long, I understood that we must learn to see things as it is. That means there should be no influence of external matter that affects our thoughts and interpretation. I have finally mastered the art of channeling my energy into the things that matter to me.

10. Understand Yourself

You can’t understand anyone until you understand yourself. Once you start understanding yourself, you can bring a personal life balance. Try to understand your mind and body and get comfortable with yourself. Be truthful to your needs and desires, work towards achieving them, and yes, you will feel sorted.

11. Practice Can Do Wonders

There is no overnight success; you need to work hard, stay focused, and be disciplined to reach your goals. Start building small goals day by day and work towards achieving them. These small goals will make you feel confident and closer to your main goal. Consistency in your practice will come.

12. It Is All About The Process

When we say yoga, we mean postures, asanas, and techniques, but in the hassle of poses, we tend to forget the actual meaning of yoga. Yoga is not about perfection but engaging the right muscles, understanding bodies, and keeping your mind focused. YTT gives you a chance to understand how your mind and body feel.

13. Accepting Is Important

We tend to waste enough of our time by judging people and blaming the circumstances. But after my Yoga Teacher Training, I realized how baseless it is to blame and judge others; instead, we must accept things as it is. We can’t change others, and we can change ourselves.

14. Yoga Has No Shortcuts

Hold your thoughts. If you feel yoga is a one-month challenge and your life is sorted, so hey! There are no shortcuts to yoga. You must work hard, practice constantly, and be determined to reach your desired goal. You will have to work head-to-toe, pushing your limits, and then somewhere, you may get success.

15. Face The Fear

Sometimes we tend to behave strangely, the unwanted behaviors and thoughts we may fear. After joining yoga teacher training, I was growing pretty well; no more were the things that led me to feel down or the things that stopped me from growing. Hence I was becoming more confident and acknowledged in my life.

In my teaching career, there were days I taught only two to three students and sometimes a houseful. But most importantly, what I learned was that I was the same always. The small class offered intimacy and individual focus, while the large classes offered abundant energy and strength. Also, teaching in a class with two to three students means going more deeper physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

Teaching is an incredible gift, and teaching yoga in India is a blessing! Every day I learn and work even harder.


Every single experience, good or bad, teaches us something and helps us to move forward in life. I feel great when students come to me and share what I asked them to follow. Sometimes you do not need to hassle or push yourself more; things will happen eventually, and sometimes, slowing down makes you realize things you never noticed.

Yoga training in India will give you an immersion into all aspects of yoga from A to Z.

Yoga in India will help you touch the new enduring aspects of life. You would not know you are transforming lives. Every day will meet someone new and learn something new. Life is about learning and growing at every step. These small steps will help us live the balanced, healthy, and happy life we always long for.

All the best, folks!

Happiness is the new rich.

Inner peace is a new success.

Health is a new wealth.

Kindness is the new cool.


About The Writer

Jai Lakshwani, a Yoga performance marketer, is currently running his yoga teacher training schools in Rishikesh and Goa. He completed his advanced-level yoga teacher training at the renowned school in Rishikesh.

Yoga has brought tremendous changes in his life, from shedding weight to shedding the walls of depression. He has overcome diabetes. These reasons have brought him to become a yoga instructor. He thought this was the best way to help society and do something for their well-being.

Jai is great at doing yoga. His classes are infused with abundant knowledge and lightness of heart that helps students find clarity and calmness.

He believes in teaching students how to take charge of their lives, deepen their knowledge, and build confidence.